Policy Research



A partner who understands regulatory complexities.

CTRS is a trusted research partner for many government organizations on a range of policy topics. When developing policy solutions or evaluating existing policy solutions and outcomes, many public sector and heavily regulated organizations need policy research to support decision making.

Policy Research Services

Program Review
  • Program reviews to the Federal standard
  • Specialization in technology commercialization program review
  • Specialization in research and stakeholder engagement program review
  • Program reviews on behalf of government, intervenors and third parties
Program Evaluation
  • Metrics development
  • Performance measurement
  • Outcomes evaluation
  • Best practice research and analysis
  • Recommendations for program improvements
Vendor Management
  • Managing RFP processes for vendor selection
  • Quality assurance or summary work on vendor output
Stakeholder Engagement
  • Stakeholder engagement program design
  • Stakeholder engagement program review
  • DEI reviews
  • Stakeholder recruitment and management
  • Advisory board recruitment and management
  • Subject matter expert recruitment for technical areas
  • Complex B2B audience recruitment
  • Equity group recruitment
  • B2G audience recruitment
Secondary Research
  • PESTLE analysis
  • Market scan
  • Competitive scan
  • Regulatory review
  • Academic literature review
  • Secondary research summary and analysis

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