Why hire CTRS?

Market Intelligence is your new secret weapon 

Our customers hire us to get answers they can rely on.

We help organizational leaders understand the implications behind market signals so that they can make decisions with confidence, avoiding unforeseen pitfalls and capitalizing on hidden opportunities.

Make decisions with confidence when you have the complete picture.

We don’t deliver a thick report of data and wish you luck. We take a combination of desk research, competitive intelligence gathering, primary research and contextual analysis and lay out what this means for your organization so you know exactly what to do next.

Get the confidence you’re on the right path.

We cringe when clients come to us having spent too much money or time on a great idea without knowing if a market exists. With a complete understanding of your market, it avoids unnecessary mistakes or nasty surprises so you can focus your efforts on the things that will make you successful.

Some of our favourite clients:

From Our Clients

“CTRS did really excellent work and made it a pleasant experience along the way! They were quintessential professionals. They asked great questions and really illustrated their understanding through the work they did. The whole CTRS team met deadlines and gave us regular updates on the work which culminated in a full written presentation. They even made time to attend an Executive Meeting to answer questions about their work.”

Nick Curalli

Vice President of Technology Solutions, London Drugs

“We had a great time working with CTRS. They understood our space quite well even when we’re a niche inside of a niche.”

Brian McKenzie

CMO, KXI Wildertec

“The team went above and beyond our expectations with the quantity and quality of the research. They also provided an outstanding professional presentation that blew us away. The amount of value provided and their style of client engagement is unlike anything I’ve seen before.”

Kathleen Norman

Entrepreneur in Residence, Innovate Edmonton

“CTRS helped our organization strategically deploy our resources and efforts in an emerging, yet very confusing marketplace. Their efforts allowed us to avoid learning lessons the hard way through trial and error. The benefit of this to Wild + Pine was invaluable.”

Chris Kallal

CEO, Wild + Pine